Aerospace & Defense Technology

October 2019

    • Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicles
    • A "STEP" Forward for Product Lifecycle Management
    • The Challenge of Replacing Hard Chrome
    • Defining an Open System Architecture Standard for Defense Systems
    • Solid-State Microwave Power Module
    • Defeating Commercial Drone Threats with Open-Source SDR
    • Influence of Leading-Edge Oscillatory Blowing on Time-Accurate Dynamic Store Separation
      Developing an understanding of, and potentially controlling, pitch bifurcation of a store release from an aircraft during flight could improve weapons delivery.
    • Green's Function Extraction from Atmospheric Acoustic Propagation
      Understanding what affects acoustic waves propagating in the atmosphere is important for a variety of military applications including the development of new remote sensing techniques.
    • Waveform Synthesis for Shock Response Spectrum Replication, Applied to Ground Vehicle Component Testing
      Improved test methods will help alleviate the impact of shock levels on military and commercial ground vehicle components.
    • SnowMicroPenetrometer Applications for Winter Vehicle Mobility
      Characterizing the mechanical properties of snow and their impact on vehicle performance could improve vehicle winter mobility modeling.
    • Engineered Resilient Systems
      A new application called TradeAnalyzer provides multiple visualization methods to examine, sort, and filter the attributes of data.
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