Automotive Engineering

April 2019

    • Transforming ZF
      The Tier 1 giant re-gears for the new-mobility zukunft by adopting a new way to drive technology innovation. It still makes transmissions, too.
    • 2019 Vehicle Technology Review
      Reviewing the latest tech applications in the automotive space and the trends they're serving.
    • J.D. Power launches new vehicle-engineering award at SAE's WCX 2019
      Globally-respected automotive analytics firm J.D. Power recognizes outstanding vehicle-integration engineering with two new annual awards.
    • Powering back to the future
      Rotaries, gas turbines, hybrids-even nukes! Propulsion tech from the past, present, and beyond the horizon is revealed at the SAE Mobility History display at WCX'19.
    • Horsepower, kilowatts compete at 2019 Geneva motor show
      Is Europe getting serious about electric vehicles? Look no further than the EV-intensive 2019 Geneva motor show.
    • Editorial
      Why would you want to be a mobility engineer?
    • SAE Standards News
      Standards action at WCX'19
    • Supplier Eye
      ICE sourcing opportunities throttle down
    • What We're Driving
    • Honda E Prototype 'makes it simple,' again
    • GKN demos eTwinster 2-speed, torque-vectoring BEV transmission
    • VW's MEB platform: a modularity enabler
    • Not drive-by-wire-drive-by-CAN
    • Porsche's 911: Not slippery when wet
    • 2019 S60 and V60 Volvo's newest chips in the transformation game
    • Honda fills a gap with 2019 Passport
    • Nissan Leaf finally gets more range
    • Q&A
      Henrik Green, Volvo senior VP of R&D