Automotive Engineering

July/August 2019

    • Extending the ICE age
      Future vehicle propulsion is not a single-solution challenge. Top engineers take Automotive Engineering into the next combustion-engine frontier.
    • FCA's Micky Bly amping up electrification
      New powertrain boss Micky Bly and his team are building an advanced propulsion-strategy roadmap that includes at least one more ICE development cycle.
    • Ford's Dave Filipe has some powerful choices to make
      These are interesting days for those managing global propulsion portfolios, but Ford's powertrain lead says a smart team has him relishing the challenges.
    • GM's Ken Morris lives the pace of the powertrain revolution
      The purview of GM's VP of global product integrity includes the rapidly-shifting landscape of powertrain engineering.
    • Hyundai's John Juriga optimizing ICE and fuels
      Hyundai is building on its lean-combustion knowledge in a DoE-sponsored collaborative program with MTU and Phillips 66.
    • Other expert voices
      The 2019 'ICE's Still Not Dead' panel discussion was very much alive.
    • Mahle MJI technology sparking ignition advances
      Engine-development supplier Mahle believes pre-chamber combustion technology for production gasoline engines has a promising future.
    • For EVs to 'win,' battery tech must outpace oil-industry advances
      Analysts say moderate oil prices in the U.S. will continue to inhibit the growth of BEV sales-even as battery costs decline.
    • Editorial
      Formula E racing revelations
    • SAE Standards News
      SAE, DIN release terminology standard for AV testing through new consortium
    • Supplier Eye
      The supplier strategic-planning checklist
    • What We're Driving
    • Mercedes-AMG extracts world-record power from new four-cylinder engine
    • Magna's new FreeForm enables sculpted, seamless seat surface
    • Engine oil from Christmas trees and flashlight batteries
    • Michelin, GM partner on airless wheel for 2024
    • SF90 is Ferrari's first-ever plug-in hybrid
    • Heavy capability for Chevy's 2020 Silverado heavy-duty pickups
    • Cadillac pulls the wraps off two new V-Series sedans
    • 2020 Ford Explorer: Knockout styling surrounds all-new engineering
    • Q&A
      Harley-Davidson EV Systems chief engineer Sean Stanley talks about 2020 LiveWire e-bike