Automotive Engineering

October 2019

    • Conti suits up
      A team of young innovators aims to transform a critical piece of safety equipment - and create new business - through collaboration.
    • Casting around for lightweight
      The U.K.'s Grainger & Worrall is introducing and perfecting "new and imaginative" casting technologies.
    • Optimizing NVH for EVs
      Unique acoustic and harmonic challenges require an integrated approach to simulation and analysis. An expert at Adaptive Corp. explains.
    • The new gas tank: Constellium readies its first OEM EV battery tray
      Global Tier-1 aluminum specialist Constellium's first OEM EV battery enclosure is a far cry, engineering-wise, from the century-old fuel tank.
    • Editorial
      Losing the plot of the Engineering story?
    • Supplier Eye
      Critical decisions for the 2020s
    • What We're Driving
    • Honda ready with new injury-reducing airbag
    • Continental Tire rolls towards a smart-and-connected future
    • Cutting weight seen as less vital for automated and shared vehicles
    • GKN spreads premium propshaft tech to quiet pickup cabins
    • Roush opens Advanced Durability Lab
    • Frankfurt with an 'E'
    • New-generation Nissan Versa breaks for higher ground
    • What's Online
    • Q&A
      Interview with Magna CTO Swami Kotagiri