SAE Truck & Off-Highway Engineering

December 2019

    • Heavy-duty engine design
      What are the most significant factors influencing the way engine developers approach near-term design and development cycles? Two experts provide their insights from recent programs.
    • Reducing winter range loss for electric trucks
      Researchers at the Austrian Institute of Technology have developed an air exchange system that's capable of reducing heat load by 37% in real-world tests.
    • Narrower focus, bigger payoff
      Design teams are targeting focused markets for their commercial electric-vehicle programs to combat challenges like range and infrastructure.
    • Removing complexity for autonomous trucks
      Narrowing the operating domains for driverless commercial vehicles reduces the requirements of autonomous technology and speeds time to market.
    • Plastics innovations 2019
      The 49th annual SPE Automotive Awards highlight the ongoing benefits of lightweight polymers and composites.
    • Editorial
      Hop on the hydrogen highway
    • Leak testing of commercial-vehicle AC systems critical as move to HFO refrigerants looms
    • Akasol packs industry-leading energy density into new battery design
    • Mahle and partners develop super-efficient natural-gas engine for stationary power
    • How battery technology will drive truck electrification
    • Platinum nanoparticles for fuel-cell catalysts may cut cost
    • Caterpillar launches next-gen mini hydraulic excavator, skid steer and compact track loaders
    • Q&A
      Dan Williams shares how ZF will help advance ADAS and autonomy in 2020 and beyond