Aerospace & Defense Technology

April 2020

    • Coiled Spring Pins
      What Do They Do? How Do You Install Them?
    • Ruggedizing Coaxial and Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies from Mechanical Strain
    • Bringing Turbine Power to Small Aircraft
    • Bringing Turbine Power to Small Aircraft
    • Limiting Creep in Aerospace Materials
    • Advances in Millimeter-Wave Isolator Design Launch Manufacturers into Stratospheric Operating Frequencies
    • NASA Prepares for the Moon and Mars with Expanded Deep Space Network
    • A Focal Plane Array and Electronics Model for CMOS and CCD Sensors in the AFIT Sensor and Scene Emulation Tool
      Developing an improved model capable of generating realistic synthetic data that represents a wide range of systems can lead to new algorithms and data exploitation techniques.
    • Deformation Sensing in Soft Bio-Surrogate Materials
      Accurate measurement of deformations occurring within or on soft materials has recently generated interest for its benefits to the fields of soft robotics and wearable biomedical sensors.
    • Real Time Physiological Status Monitoring
      New military wearable technology will provide soldiers and small unit leaders with actionable information needed to ensure individual and squad performance readiness.
    • Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of Correlated Oxide Field Effect Switching Devices for High Speed Electronics
      The response of correlated oxides to strong electric fields and their dynamics is investigated using electrical transport measurements and electronic structure studies.
    • Agile Robust Autonomy: Inspired by Connecting Natural Flight and Biological Sensors
      Understanding the mechanics of insect flight could help improve the agility, autonomy, robust-ness and integrated sensing and processing of unmanned aerial vehicles.