Aerospace & Defense Technology

June 2020

    • Designing Battery Packs for Harsh Environment Mission-Critical Devices
    • High-Energy Laser Weapon Systems
    • Advanced Assembly Solutions for the Airbus RACER Joined-Wing Configuration
    • Digital Twins
      How The Digital Replica Concept Is Used By Robotic Systems
    • Practical 3D Printing of Antennas and RF Electronics
    • Photonic Microwave Generation Using On-Chip Optical Frequency Combs
    • DDDAMS-based Urban Surveillance and Crowd Control via UAVs and UGVs
      Investigating algorithmic approaches to create scalable, robust, multi-scale, and effective urban surveillance and crowd control strategies using UAVs and UGVs.
    • Covariance and Uncertainty Realism in Space Surveillance and Tracking
      Characterizing uncertainty in estimating the state of a resident space object is one of the fundamentals of many space surveillance tasks.
    • Co-Prime Frequency and Aperture Design for HF Surveillance, Wideband Radar Imaging, and Nonstationary Array Processing
      The objectives of this research were to develop novel co-prime sampling and array design strategies that achieve high-resolution estimation of spectral power distributions and signal direction-of-arrivals (DOAs), and their applications in various surveillance, radar imaging applications, and array processing.
    • Quantifying Autonomous Soaring on a Surveillance and Communications Relay Mission
      Research demonstrates that a surveillance mission is still achievable by unmanned vehicles while per-forming autonomous soaring.