Automotive Engineering

April 2020

    • The man from ARPA-E
      Advanced R&D programs directed by Dr. Chris Atkinson are building the energy-efficient mobility future.
    • Executive Insights: BorgWarner VP and CTO Hakan Yilmaz
      With Delphi Technologies expected to join its portfolio, BorgWarner is focusing on differentiating its product line for emerging propulsion architectures.
    • Sweating the details of C8 development
      How GM's Corvette engineers tackled challenges in the move to a mid-engine architecture.
    • Mid-engine history of the future
      Highlighting the many benefits of a century-old vehicle layout whose golden era is with today's performance cars.
    • Editorial
      EVs and the retail-price reset
    • SAE Standards News
      Growing the ecosystem for advanced mobility standards
    • Supplier Eye
      When a pandemic strikes
    • What We're Driving
    • New Ultium battery system underpins GM's EV future
    • Level 2 driver-assistance systems may be working as intended
    • Lightyear One: 20 miles of solar driving range
    • 2020 Corvette Stingray: beautiful - and beautifully imperfect
    • All-wheel-drive returns to Chrysler Pacifica for 2021
    • Mazda3 compact car spawns 2020 CX-30 CUV
    • Q&A
      Toyota Motor North America: Group VP of Advanced Mobility R&D Jeff Makarewicz talks about technical, business and product strategy/planning