Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

March 2020

    • Editorial
      Autonomous 'Uncola' bubbles up
    • The Navigator
      Cruise Origin points the way for AV architecture
    • The Mind of Argo AI
      Co-founder and CEO Bryan Salesky brings a realistic approach to the self-driving technology "mission."
    • Metamoto Goes Deep on AV Simulation
      Simulation based on the actual physics of vehicles and sensors continues expanding to replace millions of miles of potentially dangerous real-world testing.
    • ZF Establishes Level 2+ ADAS
      Cost-effective technology solutions to meet diverse customer needs are what the "new pragmatism" in driver-assistance tech is all about. Senior VP Aine Denari explains.
    • Lidar in a Flash
      Continental delivers a short-range 3D flash lidar sensor that's expected to find increasing application in commercial vehicles and off-highway ma-chines in 2020.
    • Sensor Heat Relief
      Canatu's carbon nanobots keep critical sensor surfaces - and LED head-lamps - clear in sub-freezing weather.
    • Build It and They Will Come
      Moving beyond vehicles, Toyota plans to manufacture an entire city.
    • Delivering Self-driving Definitions
      Shifting AV-safety validation from millions of miles driven to an understand-ing of the "quality" of simulation coverage.
    • Congestion-busting with Autonomous Shuttles
      GoMentum is safety-testing two Local Motors shuttles at AAA's expansive NorCal proving grounds and new V2X lab.