Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

July 2020

    • Editorial
      High noon for high-level autonomy
    • The Navigator
      A fork in the road for the AV business
    • The Electric, Autonomous Revolution Lifts Off
      Engineering the new generation of electric and hybrid vertical-take-off-and-landing vehicles at Wisk and Elroy Air.
    • New SAE Standard for Automated-Driving Developers
      Developed in less than a year, SAE's new J3216 standard will impact traffic management, operations and safety for automated mobility.
    • Making Data Logging, Replay and Prototyping More Efficient
      High levels of continuity and compatibility are vital to avoid interruptions in the development process - and reduce cost.
    • Radar Death Star
      ELunewave's 3D-printed spherical antenna makes for fast, 360-degree single-snapshot readings that are claimed to beat the slower sweeps of conventional radar.
    • The Case for FOTA in AV Data Security
      Firmware over-the-air data transmission helps OEMs drive secure vehicle autonomy.
    • IMUs Help Deliver the Daily Bread
      The latest inertial measurement units are driving all types of autonomous machines in the farm-to-table food movement. An expert from Analog Devices explains.
    • Radar Testing with an O-scope
      Four-channel oscilloscopes are ideal for characterizing the new generation of automotive radar sensors, as two experts explain.
    • Embedded Boards Help Drive Commercial AVs
      Kontron is leading a trend toward smaller, more lightweight and power- efficient electronic architectures.