Aerospace Engineering 2000-12-01

Aerospace Engineering 2000-12-01
    • Noise and vibrations control
      A variety of active and passive methods can be used to reduce cabin noise and fuselage vibration.
    • Bringing efficiency to flight testing
      To meet itsgoal of one new aircraft activity each year, Bombardier's Flight Test Center has sought to reduce aircraft development cycle time by focusing on test planning, safety, and configuration control.
    • Propulsion flight testing
      Originally conceived for just the GE90 aircraft engine program, GE Aircraft Engines' Boeing 747 flying test bed has evolved into the company's primary commercial engine test aircraft.
    • Top technologies for 2000
      Each month, "Aerospace Engineering" publishes the latest technologies. The "Aerospace Engineering" editors have reviewed thousands of reader responses during the past year and have chosen the "best of the best" along with runners-up.