Aerospace Engineering 2005-07-01

Aerospace Engineering 2005-07-01
    • Designing high-bypass nacelle inlets
      Simulation significantly reduces the time required of engineers at Goodrich to evaluate inlet performance and preliminary designs.
    • Virtually eliminating prototypes
      IBM PLM Solutions developed by Dassault Systemes have enabled Dassault Aviation to meet the challenges of the executive business jet market with a new virtual platform.
    • DOD looking for faster fixes
      The U.S. military is in the midst of a mighty push at its bases and depots to shorten the time it takes to get aircraft, trucks, tanks, and other weapon systems out the gate after they arrive for repair.
    • A vision of military and civilian aviation tomorrow
      SAE 100 Future look: At Dessault Aviation, we believe the quest to fly "higher, faster, and further" that moved moved aviation's pioneers will continue to blaze new trails in the 21st century.
    • Challenges for the Tier 1 major integration supplier
      SAE 100 Future look: Vought Aircraft Industries is on a path of growth from the foundation of a large and globally diverse customer base.
    • What's in store for commercial aerospace
      SAE 100 Future look: Forecast International predicts a number of dramatic changes may be on the horizon for the various market segments that comprise the commercial aerospace field.