Aerospace Engineering 2000-03-01

Aerospace Engineering 2000-03-01
    • New Engineering Software Solutions
      Several software products will begin the new millennium with a few new enhancements along with others that continue to provide good functionality and capability to engineers.
    • Building a space station
      In the wake of recent delays in the launch of the Russian Service Module, the International Space Station partners diligently continue with assembly plans for this massive satellite. As the station is prepared for its first crew, "Aerospace Engineering" looks ahead to the remaining assembly tasks planned for this year.
    • Introducing Dr. Rodica A. Baranescu, SAE President for the year 2000
      Had her father gotten his way, Rodica Baranescu would now have a successful physician's practice and enough spare time to entertain audiences with her musical talents. Imagine his reaction when a young Rodica declared that what she was more interested in doing when she grew up was ballooning over Africa.