Aerospace Engineering 2003-11-01

Aerospace Engineering 2003-11-01
    • Simulation from the inside
      Software applications are now being developed to make air travel safer and more comfortable for the people in the cabin.
    • American attack UAVs-Part 1
      The first article in a two-part series of a perspective on more than 100 years of unmanned flight details some of the major developments in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for combat.
    • Certifying airworthiness
      MIL-HDBK-5 is an especially valuable tool for the Federal Aviation Administration and is essential to the health of the entire aviation manufacturing industry.
    • Boeing takes leap forward with composites
      The use of composites is not new to the aerospace industry, but with its 7E7 airplane, Boeing plans to stretch the material technology to new limits.
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