Automotive Engineering International 2002-04-01

Automotive Engineering International 2002-04-01
    • Business via the Internet
      E-business may not be the cure-all as originally perceived a few years ago, but it does have its place in helping automotive OEMs and suppliers achieve their supply chain goals.
    • Collaborating via the Web
      The next stage of product development and engineering support software looks to enhance engineers' ability to collaborate with each other via the Internet.
    • Power by Honda
      A new strategy--headlined by the Civic's hybrid twin-plug IC engine/electric powertrain--propels the company's "global dreams."
    • End of the line for belching buses?
      In an effort to reduce the negative impact buses have on urban air quality, many transit agencies already have begun switching their fleets from diesel fuel to natural gas. Now, some are turning to diesel hybrid technology.
    • GM banking big on small plant
      Much smaller than traditional vehicle plants, GM's Lansing Grand River plant in Michigan is flexible enough to accomodate up to three vehicles in addition to the Cadillac CTS now being built there.
    • Preparing for the new Range Rover
      Land Rover, Manufacturing Director Marin Burela is aiming for improvements in quality and efficiency by providing the company's workers with better training and greater decision-making authority.
    • A safe drive
      AEI gets behind the wheel of Volvo's Safety Concept Car to sample its many innovative technologies.