Automotive Engineering International 2003-04-01

Automotive Engineering International 2003-04-01
    • Phantom materializes
      BMW's Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveils its first model, an aluminum-bodied sedan with rear-hinged rear doors and a new V12.
    • Protecting the cabin from powertrain NVH
      OEMs are getting help from suppliers such as Collins & Aikman and Bayer in damping NVH, thanks to innovation in plastics.
    • Forced induction
      Environmental pressures prompt renewed interest in turbochargers and superchargers.
    • Collaboration software emerges
      Interactive product development tools that can decrease design time and cost, enhance quality, and improve engineering processes are now widely available.
    • Validated virtual testing
      DaimlerChrysler and MTS Systems have verified that component load histories can be predicted before prototypes are built.
    • Automation: a tool, not an end
      Toyota and its suppliers try to strike a balance between automation and manual labor at their U.S. plants.
    • Rouge: symbol of past points to future
      A rebirth at Ford's famous manufacturing complex honors the past but puts the focus on the future.
    • Aluminum and the XJ
      Its construction and the techniques used to build it dominate the sixth-generation Jaguar sedan's technology story.
    • Driving the Hy-wire
      GM's Larry Burns sees the alliance of fuel-cell and by-wire technologies as an essential element in the development of tomorrow's vehicles.