Automotive Engineering International 2004-04-01

Automotive Engineering International 2004-04-01
    • The chain in China
      North American suppliers must confront some challenging supply-chain issues as they take aim at what could potentially become the world's largest automotive market.
    • Visteon researches composite truck chassis
      The company used computer analysis extensively in a research project aimed at reducing the mass and complexity of a chassis structure while increasing strength and stiffness.
    • Simulation goes beyond engineering
      Computational fluid dynamics simulation and visualization software vendors are introducing products to extend the value of CFD throughout the product life cycle, according to Acuitiv Software.
    • Ford still riding Six Sigma quality horse
      Ford is combining Six Sigma with kaizen events at its plants around the globe to coax new ideas from its hourly workers in hopes of closing the gap with perennial vehicle-quality leader Toyota.