Automotive Engineering International 2000-08-01

Automotive Engineering International 2000-08-01
    • The battle of the metals
      Engineers continue to improve the properties of metal and evolve manufacturing technologies to enable metals to maintain, or achieve more of, a competitive presence in vehicles.
    • Global Concepts
      This second of two parts reviews some of the more significant vehicles from past year's motor shows and showcases trends in design and technology from the world's auotmakers.
    • Good Vibrations
      AEI takes a look at what some companies are doing to improve vehicle NVH.
    • Asia after the storm
      This final segment of AEI's three-part look at doing business in the digital age focuses on suppliers and OEMs in Asia.
    • Producing fully dense PM parts
      A new process from PM Krupp Technologies Inc., F2, is suitable for producing fully dense parts that are too expensive to machine or cast, or that require the high strength, hardness, and durablity that conventional (low-density) powder metal cannot provide.
    • E leads the way in manufacturing
      The impact and potential of Web technologies dominated discussion at SAE's Automotive Manufacturing Conference & Exposition in June.
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