Automotive Engineering International 2006-08-01

Automotive Engineering International 2006-08-01
    • Seats of power
      Car users are sitting on more advanced features than ever before, but increasing demands for "comfort" and other considerations have focused industry brainpower on slimmer seat designs, new trim materials, and innovative technology solutions.
    • Big changes for powertrain control
      Electronics innovations are behind many of the advances in hybrid, diesel, and conventional gasoline engines.
    • Plastic on the outside
      For many new vehicles, light weight is paramount, and so too is eye-catching design. That's why plastic body panels will become more prevalent.
    • Toyota powers ahead
      The company's powertrain strategy follows Toyota President Watanabe's dream that a Toyota car be able to cross the American continent with no refueling while cleansing the atmosphere as it travels.
    • The Honda way
      In the pipeline are a "dedicated hybrid car for family use," a super-clean diesel that meets U.S. Tier 2 BIN 5 standards, and updates to more conventional engines to reduce corporate fleet CO2 averages.
    • Pinpointing sources of quality lapses
      Assembly plants are easy targets for criticism, but not always the right ones.