Automotive Engineering International 2008-08-01

Automotive Engineering International 2008-08-01
    • Back to the high-power future
      Executive Vice President Masatami Takimoto and other officials are re-engineering Toyota, borrowing elements of the past to tackle 21st-century environmental changes.
    • Racing to green mobility
      The President of Honda R&D, Masaaki Kato, hopes to harness the company's "racing spirit" to research and develop innovative methods to reduce the CO2 emissions of its products.
    • Charging ahead
      Nissan's Senior Vice President, Minoru Shinohara, explains the battery technology that will allow feasible electric cars, while not forgetting to mention the GT-R supercar.
    • Market Genesis
      Hyundai-Kia R&D Center Chief Hyun-Soon Lee has added the top market-research job at the company as it tries to quickly add more value to its products with new technologies and features.
    • China goes shiftless
      Suppliers hope to capitalize on the future gold mine for automatic transmissions by working with OEMs on high-tech but low-cost solutions.
    • Downsizing under control
      Engine control and precision are crucial as engine designers use an array of new ideas to get more power from smaller, more efficient engines.
    • Who is really in control?
      As cars become more complex, driver-control systems proliferate--but keeping their operation simple and reducing workload is a growing fight.
    • Advanced metals gaining momentum
      Materials once considered exotic are being specified for higher-volume automotive applications in a bid to trim mass for improved fuel economy and performance.
    • Engineering the EcoBoost
      Fast tracking a new gasoline turbocharged direct-injection engine meant Ford engineering teams had to reduce development times while capitalizing on improvements in simulation and collaboration tools.