Automotive Engineering International 2004-12-01

Automotive Engineering International 2004-12-01
    • Lighting goes digital
      Headlights move towards full integration with sensors, adjusting to turns and other driving conditions, while high-intensity discharge and light-emitting-diode technologies see continued growth.
    • 2004 technology in review
      AEI editors look back at some of the most significant engineering and innovation stories of the past year.
    • The age of digital experience
      SAE 100 Future look: Automotive historians will remember the beginning of the 21st century as a defining moment in the history of an industry.
    • Simplifying advanced computing
      SAE 100 Future look: There is no doubt the world is changing. Global competition and sourcing, cost pressures, safety, and environmental concerns are just a few evolving realities facing the automotive industry today.
    • Up-front simulation for innovation
      SAE 100 Future look: For over a decade, research has proven that 70 to 80% of a vehicle's development and manufacturing cost is determined by decisions taken during the very early concept and design stages.
    • Build, test, review, and improve
      SAE 100 Future look: It is truly amazing to consider how much product design and development has changed in the last decades.