Automotive Engineering International 2001-02-01

Automotive Engineering International 2001-02-01
    • Solving the driver distraction problem
      Is voice-recognition technology the silver bullet? No, engineers agree, but it has its place.
    • Succeeding in the alliance game
      It was General Motors' Arvin F. Mueller, Chairperson of the SAE 2001 World Congress, who came up with "Succeeding in the Alliance Game" as the theme for the March 5-8 automotive engineering event in Detroit.
    • Ferrari 360 aerodynamic development
      The search for downforce without aerodyamic devices, such as wings or spoilers, led to novel solutions for the car's suspension.
    • Renault's Euro 3 engine
      Flexible injection systems allowed Renault VI engineers to balance many conflicting priorities in developing Europe's first heavy-duty diesel engine with a fully electronic high-injection-pressure common-rail injection system.
    • Meeting future emissions standards with diesel SUVs
      AVL List believes that diesel engines could be one way to improve the environmental acceptance of sport utility vehicles.
    • Next-generation adaptive cruise control
      Deceleration capabilities, along with a wider operating speed range, are some of the enhancements of Delphi's newest system.
    • All-plastic manual-clutch actuation
      Engineers at Automotive Products are developing the relatively new material application for improved economy, smaller engine components, and new vehicle concepts such as hybrids.
    • AEI Tech 2001 Awards
      Automotive Engineering International's editors highlight the top products and technologies to be on display at the SAE 2001 World Congress.
    • The pursuit of a dominating diesel engine
      Engineers at Cummins and Detroit Diesel believe the diesel engine will assume a larger share of future light-truck sales.
    • Power clearcoat, a leap in paint technology
      BMW faced challenges in both material development and systems engineering to develop its new clearcoat technology.
    • Good medicine for motorsports
      In a testament to the force of his influence in the world of racing, Don Panoz garnered a lot of attention at the recent SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference & Exposition--and he wasn't even there.
    • Lightpipe design
      According to Breault Research Organization, any automotive instrument or control that needs illumination is a candidate for a lightpipe to take light from where it is generated to where it is needed.
    • Aztek body work
      Use of competitive benchmarking and computer simulations by GM led to significant improvements in vehicle NVH characteristics.