Automotive Engineering International 2009-02-01

Automotive Engineering International 2009-02-01
    • NAIAS concepts
      Though industry sales projections for 2009 were dire, automakers pushed forward with new environmentally friendly technology in concept vehicles with an eye on sportiness.
    • Electrifying changes for F1
      Teams adopt hybrid power and adapt to slick tires.
    • Memorable advances
      Bigger memories, faster cores let engineers boost efficiency and reduce emissions in engines.
    • Material opportunities
      Compacted graphite iron, aluminum, and composites have significant roles in engine downsizing, but steel's capability and potential endures.
    • Building blocks
      Engineering a good engine is half the battle; getting it through the assembly process without introducing flaws is the final victory.
    • Innovative Thinking 101
      West Virginia University professor Dr. James E. Smith issues a call for innovation as one of the central themes of his term as SAE's 2009 President.
    • New 7 Series improves all over
      From better fuel efficiency to more luxury accoutrements, BMW does more than one-up its flagship.