Automotive Engineering International 2000-01-01

Automotive Engineering International 2000-01-01
    • Car of 2100 A.D.
      AEI gave readers a chance to speak out on what they thought people in 2100 would be driving. We have chosen the best submissions. Also, the AEI editors have included their best guess as to what cars will be in 2100. We realize that this is a guess but the real answer will not be known for 100 years.
    • V8 power for BMW's M5
      The new 294-kW (400-hp) S62 engine developed by BMW's M GmbH features Double VANOS variable intake and exhaust valve timing, electronic drive-by-wire, and oil circulation boosted as a function of lateral cornering force.
    • Northstar revised for 2000
      Improvements to the powerplant include a roller-follower valvetrain, improved combustion chamber, center-feed intake manifold, coil-on-plug cassette ignition system, and a Siemens powertrain controller.
    • Aston Martin's first V12
      Available in both the DB7 Vantage Coupe and Volante, the flexible all-alloy engine delivers 85% of its peak torque at just 1500 rpm.
    • GM develops a global four
      The all-aluminum engine family that debuted in Saturn's LS also sees duty in a number of upcoming worldwide applications including the new GM Europe Astra Coupe.
    • Engine Briefs
      Elsewhere in this issue, we featured in detail some of the new or significantly revised automotive engines for 2000. What follows are brief summaries of other interesting production units from the world's automakers covered recently in Automotive Engineering International.
    • The century club: driving the automotive industry for 100 years
      As the 21st century dawns, AEI editors have compiled a partial list of companies whose vision, ingenuity, and nuts-and-bolts grasp of the mechanics of automaking have shaped the industry over the past century. Spokesmen from these companies tell whyn they have succeeded and how they plan to build on that success in the new millenium.
    • Air and fuel characteristics in a spark-ignition engine
      Researchers are studying the interaction of air and fuel in the intake system of a port-fuel-injected spark-ignition engine.
    • Economic Development: 'Heart' bypass?
      Is Detroit still the heart of the automotive industry? Will the massive incentive packages being offered to manufacturers by the southeastern states ultimately shift the balance of power from the Midwest to the Southeast? For our first issue of the new century, AEI editors put these and other questions to industry and economic development experts. Their answers may surprise you.
    • Ford exec sees great value in SAE Congress
      SAE Congress Chairman Will Boddie is working to ensure that this year's premier automotive conference, slated for March 4-7 in Detroit, appeals in new ways to engineers as well as senior-level executives.