Automotive Engineering International 2005-01-01

Automotive Engineering International 2005-01-01
    • NAIAS supplier guide: what's behind the show cars
      Seductive surfaces and shocking shapes are what catches the eye at this annual winter mega-car-show in Detroit, but functional parts are key to a new model's ultimate success.
    • Direct-injection resurgence
      The Japanese OEMs are integrating the latest-generation technology into their newest gasoline and diesel engines, focusing the latter on export markets such as Europe.
    • Hybrids pose electronics challenges
      The vexing technical issues of integrating conventional and electric propulsion systems are complicated by the push to trim cross.
    • Testing ways to cut NVH costs
      Traditional approaches to conducting noise, vibration, and harshness testing are often very costly for companies, but alternative solutions exist.
    • Hydrogen power for the masses
      Japanese companies continue to invest in development of fuel-cell vehicles and hydrogen production capability.
    • Today for Tomorrow
      SAE 100 Future look: The advent of the automotive age has brought us economic growth and social and cultural development.
    • Tomorrow's powertrain technology: 100 years in the making
      SAE 100 Future look: The SAE's 100th anniversary has all of the engineering community reflecting on past accomplishments. But more importantly, we look to the future to determine what will be the technologies that carry us through the next 100 years.
    • BMW's powertrain for tomorrow
      SAE 100 Future look: During recent years, BMW has significantly reduced both fuel consumption and emissions in its engines, while simultaneously increasing performance and torque.
    • Powering the future of mobility
      SAE 100 Future look: Honda is a very young company compared to SAE and its 100-year history.
    • Emissions regulations uphold 'technological excellence'
      SAE 100 Future look: The automotive and transport industries are some of the most regulated due to the strict emissions requirements in the development of diesel engines, which affect the future of all powertrains.
    • Embedded systems and vehicle innovation
      Innovation is a continual process, and embedded systems represent a huge part of innovation in technology today.
    • Developing solutions
      The global automotive industry has faced considerable challenges over the last couple of years, to the extent that industry pundits have labeled the current environment as "the Perfect Storm."