Automotive Engineering International 2007-01-01

Automotive Engineering International 2007-01-01
    • Ford widens diesel getaway
      As the popularity of the diesel in Europe continues to soar, Ford, in collaboration with PSA, is further expanding its Diesel Center's production in the UK. Phil Lake, Ford of Europe's Chief Engineer, Diesel Engines, gives AEI a tour of the facility and the technology.
    • Consumer electronics solutions
      Wireless technologies, networking alternatives vie for acceptance as the auto industry scrambles to keep up with consumer demands for infotainment options.
    • California dreaming
      Forward-thinking West Coast automotive design studios ponder recyclable cars, predetermined vehicle lifespan, and a reduced carbon footprint as part of the third annual Los Angeles Design Challenge.
    • Tradition meets technology
      Artisan skills are supporting traditional engineering in the creation of complex, high-profile concept cars.
    • Sweeping changes, tough decisions
      Global competition, corporate restructuring, and common product platforms are forcing automotive engineers to rethink their current jobs and professional futures.