Automotive Engineering International 2001-07-01

Automotive Engineering International 2001-07-01
    • Driven to test
      As automotive manufacturers and suppliers continually attempt to cut costs and reduce development cycle times, outsourcing of testing is becoming more prevalent in the industry.
    • Testing resources
      This section highlights some of the latest testing products, equipment, and technologies used in sundry automotive applications from the industry's suppliers.
    • Transmission options
      In this comprehensive review of technology, ZF's Group Vice President for Product Development concludes that the future belongs to automated manual, continously variable, and six-speed automatic and manual transmissions with increased capacities.
    • Automotive moodular developments
      Engineers from Plastic Omnium Auto Exterieur and Inoplastic Omnium discuss design considerations for front-end module and plastic tailgate concepts.
    • Flexible controls architecture for hybrid-electric vehicles
      General Motors and Motorola collaborate on a prototype vehicle for PNGV.
    • Modeling fuel-cell vehicle systems
      Ricardo is leading the way in simulating fuel-cell systems as OEMs race to bring the technology to market.
    • Electronics architecture for the millenium
      New perspectives and innovative relationships are needed within the industry as the technology at the core of vehicles evolves.
    • Fuel properties for advanced engines
      A study by Toyota shows that fuel characteristics can be critical in engines with new injection and catalyst systems.