Automotive Engineering International 2002-07-01

Automotive Engineering International 2002-07-01
    • Drivetrains: Challenging the design philosophy
      A researcher from the Southwest Research Institute focuses on one of the most immediate and dramatic changes of powertrain design: the introduction of CVTs.
    • Elastohydrodynamic lubricants for CVTs
      In metal-to-metal continously variable transmissions, EHLs momentarily become part of the machinery, allowing for a much higher traction coefficient than is possible with hydrodynamic fluids.
    • Hybrid vehicle dynamics
      Toyota engineers combined electronic control of the Estima minivan's breaking and driving functions to create its new Vehicle Dynamics Management system, resulting in improved environmental and vehicle performance.
    • Jeep Commander 2
      Chrysler Group engineers provide an inside look at one of the pioneering methanol fuel reforming fuel-cell concept vehicles.
    • Improving SUV fuel economy
      Delphi is pursuing a strategy of engine shutdown and adding torque from an electric motor with its new 42-V integrated starter-generator.
    • Hardtop convertibles
      Retractable metal roofs are replacing fabric tops on some convertible passenger cars to provide the comfort, quietness, styling, and solid structure of coupes in vehicles with open-air capabilities.