Automotive Engineering International 2003-07-01

Automotive Engineering International 2003-07-01
    • A different automatic
      Developed in conjunction with BorgWarner, Volkswagen's DSG automatic six-speed gearbox is aimed at enthusiasts and has fuel consumption superior to a manual gearbox.
    • Accident avoidance
      GM and Delphi are testing adaptive cruise control and collision-warning technologies in the hope of ultimately increasing driver awareness and reducing driving behaviors that can lead to accidents.
    • Branding vehicle dynamics
      The use of active systems and common hardware across several vehicle platforms, with different calibrations and control algorithms, can offer variations in character and brand, according to Prodrive Automotive technology.
    • The drive for improved dynamics
      For the new XJ, Mike Cross, Jaguar's Chief Engineer for Vehicle Integrity, and his team aimed to preserve the isolation and feel of the previous car, but instill the handling precision and steering accuracy of the S-Type.
    • Global I4 goes PZEV
      The partial-zero-emissions Focus takes advantage of the inherent combustion efficiency of Ford's new global four-cyclinder engine with additional refinements to offer world-class emissions performance.
    • Grand-Am Daytona Prototypes
      In an effort to reduce racing costs, organizers have instituted component-sharing for cars competing in the new series.
    • Simulation speeds engine development
      Improved up-front engineering using intelligent design and integrated simulation tools, as well as knowledge-based expert systems, are helping manufacturers develop better engines more quickly.
    • Mazda RX-8
      A new chapter has opened on the company's rotary-engine story with a four-door, four-seat sports car built on a new platform that will spawn other sports cars.