Automotive Engineering International 2007-07-01

Automotive Engineering International 2007-07-01
    • Where intelligence goes
      Changes in distributed or embedded control as well as processor power are altering automotive computing hierarchy.
    • Making chassis magic
      Nothing beats veteran ride-and-handling engineers in creating a truly integrated chassis. But simulation is increasingly vital to their seat-of-the-pants development work.
    • Mass reduction--the next frontier
      Automakers turn their attention to reducing vehicle weight in the quest for greater fuel efficiency.
    • Electricity drives forward
      Continuous advances in component design and integration are helping to overcome cost and performance obstacles.
    • At your service
      As cost and human-resource pressures mount, testing and engineering outsourcing heats up and alters roles within the industry.
    • Finding the right Formula
      The University of Wisconsin-Madison won the annual Formula SAE student competition held in Michigan, beating more than 130 other teams aiming to conceive, design, and fabricate the best, small formula-style racing car.