Automotive Engineering International 2001-06-01

Automotive Engineering International 2001-06-01
    • Ford's Focus on the fuel cell
      The company's Aachen research center for advanced powertrain and environmental technologies provided the backdrop for a first drive of its latest fuel-cell prototype.
    • Global viewpoints: Europe embraces the AT-factor
      The central pillar on which the success of every international automotive company now rests is the AT-factor, which stands for advanced technology.
    • Target-vehicle modeling in crash analysis
      Ford engineers have refined their computer crash models for simulating vehicle compatibility between light trucks and cars.
    • Reticulated polyurethane foam
      The new generation of materials has added safety, performance, reliability, and value to a number of automotive applications.
    • Sorting through new automotive technologies
      Developments in powertrain, interior, and chassis technolgoies are improving the performance of vehicles in all corners of the world, including Europe.