Automotive Engineering International 2002-06-01

Automotive Engineering International 2002-06-01
    • Engines for growth
      Is this the beginning of the end for IC engines?
    • A view from the inside
      The selection of materials is one of many choices vehicle interior designers face when addressing issues such as ergonomics, aesthetics, comfort, and safety.
    • Electronics and materials for chassis and body
      The advent of electronics to enhance ride, handling, and braking, and the application of computer-aided design and engineering to create ever stiffer structures, have together transformed both chassis and body technology.
    • Creating reality together
      In the creation of concept cars, as in the creation of production vehicles, GM designers and engineers work together.
    • E-safety spotlight
      This Focus on Electronics section highlights some of the latest applications of electronics and communications technology to improve automobile safety.
    • Technology and the Indy Racing League
      Rule changes and new participants next season mean the series is going to get much more technically interesting.
    • Advances in fuel-cell development
      At AEI's second Fuel Cell Transportation Technology Summit, moderated by DaimlerChrysler's Reginald Modlin, OEM, supplier, fuel company, and government experts gave their views on the advanced propulsion technology.