Automotive Engineering International 2003-06-01

Automotive Engineering International 2003-06-01
    • New York revival
      More than 20 of the 30 new vehicle introductions at this year's New York International Auto Show were world debuts, and cars took center stage for the first time in a while at a North American auto show.
    • Safety first
      Consumers say safety is priority one, but deaths on the highway are rising as government regulators impose tougher--and more costly--safety standards on automotives.
    • Ford turns 100
      Pausing to celebrate its many technical achievements of the past century, Ford maintains its focus on being an innovation leader for the next 100 years.
    • Hi-tech Europe
      Europe's automotive industry is set to apply technology to a greater degree than ever before.
    • Diesels and DCTs
      Turbodiesel engines may soon power half the cars sold in Europe, and as European roads become ever more crowded, dual-clutch and automatic transmissions are becoming more attractive propositions.
    • Chassis systems integration
      Major hurdles have to be overcome if the benefits of electronic chassis and suspension systems, together with emerging near-term systems such as steering-linked lane-keeping capability, are to be fully exploited.
    • Interior Designs
      Component miniaturization, recycling, eye-catching design, and safety are among the goals of the European industry.