Automotive Engineering International 2004-06-01

Automotive Engineering International 2004-06-01
    • Ministering to the interior
      The design of passenger car interiors has been changing steadily as safety and comfort systems have been added. The "Playstation" generation is likely to bring an increasing influence on ergonomic and aesthetic design, allied to a reduction in driver workload and a further enhancement in safety systems' capability and flexibility.
    • Highlights from New York
      The 2004 New York International Auto Show saw the most world debuts in the event's history, with strong themes in new midsize luxury cars and midsize SUVs.
    • Divergent stands on safety
      The battle between consumer advocacy groups and automakers over safety heats up as Congress contemplates mandates.
    • Sport compacts go drag racing
      Makers of entry-level front-wheel-drive cars hope to translate power under the hood into power in the showroom.
    • The art of the possible
      Systems integration, mix-and-match materials for advanced bodyshells, burgeoning information and communication sophisication for the driver--there seems almost no limit to how "smart" the European car can become. But is all this technology a good investment in terms of cash and intellectual application, or is there a danger of too much technology?
    • European centers of power
      With new Euro 5 emissions regulations looming and CO2 reductions a necessity, industry executives plan for the right mix of cost-effective technologies for improved fuel economy and emissions through engine downsizing in conjunction with pressure-charging and continued emphasis on the diesel.
    • Bodybuilding and chassis integration
      Automakers are becoming more open to material mixing and matching for bodies, and they see great potential in further electronic chassis systems integration.
    • Ford Shelby Cobra
      More than just a design studio exercise, this fully functional roadster takes the engineering of concept vehicles to a new level.