Automotive Engineering International 2007-06-01

Automotive Engineering International 2007-06-01
    • Spoilt for choice
      The auto industry's options list includes biofuels, hydrogen, hybrids, fuel cells, and batteries--but will it be all, or nothing at all?
    • Moving eastward
      The automotive industry spreads and grows, suppliers move to east Europe, environmental issues are crucial--and the companies survive that get everything right.
    • Hands-on solution to reduce emissions
      Literally driving the environmental necessities home may support technology in engines old and new.
    • Cutting emissions: more answers than questions
      The European auto industry is struggling with alternative fuels and emissions reduction programs, but potential solutions are many and varied--any may become even more so.
    • Hydrogen, the IC engine, and the future
      It may be the fuel of the future, but views vary about how hydrogen should be used.
    • Making more of what we have
      Fiat tackles more technology in-house, makes increased use of the expertise and systems it has, reduces unit production time--and considers two-cylinder turbocharged engines.
    • Simplifying the individual transport equation
      Could cheap, basic vehicles with efficient low-emissions engines start to buck the long-lasting technology trend towards ever more electronics complexity?
    • Shifting into active mode
      The focus is moving away from passive safety systems with an emphasis on driver alerts and collision avoidance.
    • Six, seven, eight--the great gear debate
      Transmissions are gaining gear ratios as OEMs search for more fuel efficiency and refinement.
    • Winning on warranty
      On the eve of J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study release for 2007, automakers talk about metrics of success.