Automotive Engineering International 2009-06-01

Automotive Engineering International 2009-06-01
    • CO2 changing focus
      The global economic crisis could trigger novel engineering solutions and the need for comprehensive testing.
    • ZEVs, fuel cells, and high-tech engines
      Only 10% of cars on Europe's roads by 2020 may be zero-emissions vehicles, but Mercedes-Benz is supporting future ZEV and other advanced technologies with an undiminished R&D budget.
    • Warning signs
      Design and engineering lead-time tightening may be strangling innovative thinking, says Royal College of Art's Harrow.
    • The decade ahead
      Renault anticipates that a majority of its powertrains will be downsized to the 0.9- to 1.2-L range and that electric cars will appeal to 30% of the buying public.
    • Automatic for the people
      Automatic-shifting dual-clutch transmissions are poised to grab share from traditional transmissions thanks to their combination of efficiency and convenience.
    • A stainless future
      A push is under way to move stainless steel into more vehicle applications that just exhaust systems-notably structural parts and fuel cells.
    • Lighter, smaller, cheaper...safer
      Software is helping to make safety components more economical in terms of weight, size, and cost, in addition to reliably achieving their intended functions.