Automotive Engineering International 2000-03-01

Automotive Engineering International 2000-03-01
    • Introducing Dr. Rodica A. Baranescu, SAE President for the year 2000
      Rodica Baranescu, SAE President for the year 2000, talks about the challenges she faced and the successes she enjoyed on her odyssey to the pinnacle of the automotive engineering community.
    • NAIAS highlights
      AEI editors present the technical highlights of concepts and production vehicles from the 2000 North American International Auto Show in January.
    • Best Engineered Cars of each decade of the 20th Century
      Readers of Automotive Engineering International voted on the best engineered cars of each decade of the 20th Century. An overall winner was chosen from among the entries.
    • Philippine Automotive Technology Conference/Workshop
      The Philippine Automotive Technology Conference/Workshop will take place Monday-Friday, April 10-14, at the Dusit Hotel Nikko in Makati City, Manile, Philippines.
    • Combining mechanical- and software-test technologies
      Recent developments in both mechanical-test systems and simulation software have produced new and important gains to accelerate and improve the vehicle development cycle.
    • Engine cold-starting
      Governments around the world are tackling the multiple safety requirements across markets that are restricting use of common vehicle designs.
    • Fueling the fuel cell
      Hydrogen is the main ingredient in the fuel-cell's diet, but deciding how best to get it to the electrochemical power-generation device is a tricky business.
    • Fuel-cell concepts and technology
      Cost reduction and fueling options are the two major issues facing auto industry OEMs and suppliers as they develop vehicles and systems for production beginning in 2003.
    • Simplifying controls
      The use of telematics multicontrollers may mean fewer knobs, dials, switches, and buttons will populate automotive interiors, allowing the instrument panel to once again become the beautiful piece of scuplture it was back in the early days of the automobile.