Automotive Engineering International 2002-03-01

Automotive Engineering International 2002-03-01
    • NAIAS production vehicles
      Editors review the engineering highlights of the show's production-vehicle introductions.
    • BMW 7 Series: AEI's Best Engineered Vehicle for 2002
      With help from its suppliers, BMW has produced a vehicle that blazes the engineering trail with innovations that will influence passenger vehicles for years to come.
    • Developments in fuel cells
      Automotive engineers are concentrating on providing quick startup, cost reduction, mass manufacturability, and crash safety.
    • AEI Tech 2002 Awards
      Automotive Engineering International editors highlight the top products and technologies that were displayed at the SAE 2002 World Congress.
    • Introducing S.M. Shahed, SAE President for 2002
      From humble beginnings, S.M. Shahed carves out a seat at the society's top spot.
    • Urea selective catalytic reduction
      Testing by Ford researchers of a small-diesel emissions-control system proved successful in meeting ULEV emissions standards.
    • Testing resources
      AEI editors review the latest testing products, equipment, and technologies used for various automotive applications from the industry's suppliers.