Automotive Engineering International 2001-05-01

Automotive Engineering International 2001-05-01
    • Global viewpoints: technology leads the way
      From fuel cells to flexible circuitry, advanced technologies are helping North American automakers and suppliers build vehicles that deliver increasingly high levels of safety, reliability, performance, and comfort/convenience.
    • Sensor development for occupant rollover protection
      Delphi Automotive Systems pursues new devices for the pecularities of rollover conditions.
    • Several steps toward recovery
      Making new vehicles out of old vehicles--as well as discarded carpeting--enables automakers to do the right thing for the environment, society, and their balance statements.
    • Englightened interiors
      Product developers at Chicago Miniature Lamp discuss trends and advances in automotive interior lighting.
    • Geneva Motor Show highlights
      Vehicles on display at the event, held in early March, ranged from the bizarre to the functional.
    • Trends in engine control
      Reuse and standards are altering the engineering of software, which represents one-third of the total cost of an electronic control unit.