Automotive Engineering International 2005-05-01

Automotive Engineering International 2005-05-01
    • Designs on Geneva
      Design chic, design blending, and design promise were all present in the halls of the Geneva Palexpo exhibition center for the city's International Motor Show, which this year cleebrated the centenary of its beginning.
    • Big 3 in fight for home-market supremacy
      No other nation sells or produces more vehicles than the United States. Automotive Engineering International kicks off its annual Global Viewpoints three-month series of region-specific articles by examining what technologies U.S.-based OEMs and suppliers are pursuing to be a winner in the market no one can ignore.
    • Sunny forecast for IC engine
      Don't expect to see the internal-combustion engine evaporate as a viable power source anytime soon, industry experts say.
    • Sharing the wealth
      A versatile vehicle architecture can deliver multiple variants from a single platform, reducing development costs and time-to-market.
    • A view from inside
      Consumers in general seek comfort, convenience, and entertainment from their purchases and that is increasingly true for vehicles, which deliver these attributes largely through inviting and engaging interiors.
    • Diesels ready for U.S. prime time
      SAE 100 Future look: Daily news stories on gas and crude oil prices climbing to record highs, accompanied by reports of tight supplies and increasing demand, have analysts and experts talking about an "oil crisis" in 2005.
    • Road-to-lab-to-math: a new path to improved product
      SAE 100 Future look: Today's automotive industry is highly competitive, globalized, and characterized by relentless efforts to improve the quality and integrity of its products.
    • Computer-integrated product creation is the next step
      SAE 100 Future look: Automotive engineering in the 21st century is evolving beyond simultaneous engineering (SE) to what Ricardo calls Computer Integrated Product Creation (CPIC).
    • The emerging role of phsyical test in product development
      SAE 100 Future look: In SAE's 100 years, the process of building automotive vehicles has undergone major transformations.
    • Testing: Survival tool for the global auto industry
      SAE 100 Future look: Today, we test automobiles more than at any other time in the history of the automotive industry.
    • Future powertrain technology... Many options, even more unknowns
      SAE 100 Future look: As we approach the halfway point in the first decade of the new millenium, the spectrum of potential powertrain concepts for future passenger vehicles is becoming increasingly broad.