Automotive Engineering International 2007-05-01

Automotive Engineering International 2007-05-01
    • Global Viewpoints North America
      North American automakers and suppliers know that moving the ball forward technologically is their best bet for survival, if not success. In the special section on the following pages, some of the automotive industry's top executives discuss the latest trends and their strategies for game-changing vehicle engineering and development.
    • GM's new battery boss
      Denise Gray has global responsiblity for bringing the best energy storagte systems to GM's expanding hybrid program.
    • Energy, environment, and engineering
      The drive toward energy security and environmental responsiblity is leading many automakers, Chrysler Group included, down a variety of technological avenues--diesels, biofuels, and hydrogen fuel cells among them.
    • Investing in future business
      Delphi has had its ups and downs since departing from the General Motors umbrella in 1999 as a fully independent publicly traded company, but 2007 may reign as the ultimate watershed year for the supplier.
    • Globalization is in the driver's seat
      Johnson Controls is positioned to supply everything from single components to complete interiors wherever in the world it is needed.
    • PPG seeks visibility for heat-repelling windshield
      A hit in Europe, but almost invisible in the U.S., Sungate IR-reflective technology gets an upgrade.
    • Dow Automotive has multiple 'IMPAXX' on safety
      Company believes safety is becoming the most important differentiating factor for car buyers.