Automotive Engineering International 2008-05-01

Automotive Engineering International 2008-05-01
    • GM's hybrid SUVs: AEI's Best Engineered Vehicles for 2008
      The Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid and GMC Yukon Hybrid get up to 50% better city and 30% better combined fuel economy while still delivering comparable performance thanks to a thorough vehicle re-engineering and an industry-first 2-mode hybrid-powertrain.
    • Bright outlook for diagnostics
      Telematics will augment more sophisticated data gathering, but challenges are many.
    • Second-generation biodiesels
      As traditional fuels become more expensive and scarce, the biofuels industry is scrambling to develop more sustainable sources from nonfood agriculture.
    • Global Viewpoints: North America
      In this special section, some of the North American automotive industry's top executives discuss the latest trends and their strategies for game-changing vehicle engineering and development.
    • Pushing the envelope
      Jim Queen, GM's Vice President of Global Engineering, discusses his company's next moves in global architectures, meeting U.S. fuel efficiency standards--and his interest in really low-cost cars.
    • Engineering from a shared perspective
      Paul Mascarenas, Ford's Vice President of Engineering for the Americas Product Development, talks about the company's new global product development process.
    • Creating a global footprint
      Chrysler's Frank Klegon is focused on developing a new global D-segment platform and further OEM collaborations.
    • Lear on the hunt
      Data-driven supplier does not wait for OEMs to tell it what they want.
    • Say no to re-engineering
      Engineers at IAC are inspired to complete product development tasks without a do-over in mind, says Maurice Sessel, Vice President of Product Engineering at IAC North America.
    • Lightweighting the way
      Alcoa believes aluminum is a critical component in reducing the weight of vehicles--and making the world a better place.
    • Light from the darkness
      Automakers and their suppliers are making greater use of hidden LEDs along with lightpipes and microlenses to alter the look of instrument panels.
    • Defeating drag
      With record-high fuel prices, increasing efficiency through aerodynamics takes on greater importance for pickups.
    • F1 moves toward hybridization
      An FIA proposal for kinetic energy recovery systems in 2009 racecars is intended to make the series more relevant to road-car development.