Automotive Engineering International 2009-05-01

Automotive Engineering International 2009-05-01
    • Spearheading the EV revolution
      Tesla Motors' JB Straubel has built an engineering team that is challenging the traditional auto-engineering culture- and may be a blueprint for the future.
    • Truckin' along
      Alternative power sources, aerodynamic designs, and electronics intergration mark the road ahead for the heavy-truck industry.
    • Roads with something to say
      With the goal of reducing the accident rate and improving traffic flow, automakers and suppliers are developing new technologies to make intelligent transportation systems even smarter.
    • a new fuel in town
      A company new to the automotive industry brings fresh ideas and products to the vehicle-electrification party.
    • A featherweight future
      Hypercar visionary Amory Lovins sees auto engineering following aerospace in its use of advanced structural composites.
    • Virtual revolution
      Liquid crystal displays are replacing analog gauges to give drivers more information in a reconfigurable format.