Automotive Engineering International 2001-11-01

Automotive Engineering International 2001-11-01
    • Frankfurt Motor Show
      The art of automotive product packaging is a complex, multifunctional design and engineering discipline that has led to cars with relatively small overall dimesnions yet remarkable interior space.
    • E-volutions
      As the movement to improve various supply-chain functions through the implementation of e-business initiatives gains momentum, the providers of the products and services that make the benefits possible are becoming more important to the automotive industry's future.
    • Automakers going digital
      A math-based, vehicle-devleopment-process strategy has helped General Motors to achieve greater engineering capability, efficiency, and quality.
    • A more redefined Ram
      Chrysler Group engineers have employed the use of hydroforming, new airbag technology, and aerodynamics, among other things, to improve the design, ride, and safety of the Dodge Ram 1500 for model year 2002.
    • GM's midsize SUVs
      Highlights of the GMT360 family are a new inline six-cylinder engine, chassis, and electrical system.
    • Product development key to truck and bus success
      How well engineers collaborate with other business units and adhere to other product development principles will make or break companies in the heavy-vehicle sector. This article takes a look at some of those principles, as well as some recently introduced heavy trucks and buses.
    • Not-too-distant cousins
      Reconfigurability is the name of the game for the new SUV/pickup crossover vehicles from Cadillac and Chevrolet.
    • Liberty for Jeep
      The compact SUV expands Jeep's product lineup and brings with it a new powertrain, front suspension, and ABS--as well as a new look.
    • Embedded gateways
      Sensoria Corp. is developing the devices for support of advanced telematics services and connection of vehicle networks with wireless networks and mobile consumer devices such as PDAs.