Automotive Engineering International 2004-11-01

Automotive Engineering International 2004-11-01
    • 2004 Paris Motor Show Highlights
      Though themes were distinctly elusive, there was a broad spectrum of technology, design, and styling on display from Europe-based manufacturers.
    • Production-based cars race ahead
      The SCCA's Speed World Challenge has delivered automakers a U.S. platform for racecars that are closely related to the vehicles they sell.
    • Let's come together
      Supplier parks are beginning to take hold in North America as automakers and their suppliers look to improve supply-chain efficiency and reduce costs.
    • Grand ride for Grand Cherokee
      Jeep engineers give the 2005 model more on-road comfort, with all the off-road capability.
    • Land Rovers makes a Discovery
      The new SUV, to be called LR3 in the United States, is the first all-new vehicle developed under Ford's leadership and is described as the most technologically advanced Land Rover so far.
    • Nissan finds a new path
      The new 2005 Pathfinder is built on a more rugged body-on-frame platform and features a more powerful V6 and three-row seating.
    • Supply-side interior design
      Staying on top of trends is important for companies who hope to secure contracts for larger portions of automotive interiors.
    • Rising again?
      Japan may at last be seeing glimpses of a rising sun after an enormously long night and an ensuing slow and gloomy dawn.
    • From Mocos to Majestas
      The Japanese OEMs do more (vehicles) with less (platforms).
    • Tradition, transition, and transformation
      SAE 100 Future look: As the sun sets on the first 100 years of SAE, we reflect on a proud and rich tradition of contribution to the transportation industry.
    • The diesel solution
      SAE 100 Future look: The future of commercial vehicles is a subject that we at Navistar International focus on every day.
    • Providing commercial transportation solutions
      SAE 100 Future look: More than 100 years ago, two sons of German immigrants running a wagon-making operation in Brooklyn, NY, were approached by a customer with a problem.
    • The future of trucking and technology
      As technology integration becomes ingrained in all facets of the commercial vehicle industry, the trucks of the future will be smarter, more adaptable, and more reliable.