Automotive Engineering International 2006-11-01

Automotive Engineering International 2006-11-01
    • Parisian delights
      The concept vehicles at September's Paris Motor Show ranged from futuristic, over-the-top dream machines with diesel hybrid power to fuel-efficient small cars with high-end interiors.
    • Software poses hard challenges
      Autocoding, reuse help automakers produce increasingly more lines of code.
    • The two-wheeler future
      Japanese manufacturers look to crossovers, hybrids, and alternative-energy concepts to reinvigorate the motorcycle industry.
    • An Aura of refinement
      Saturn took cues from its European partner when designing a new entrant for the U.S. midsize market.
    • Decongesting Denver
      The road to safer and more efficient ground transportation in the Mile High City is being paved, in part, via a romance between highway and light rail.
    • Hybrids for commerce
      Though they represent a fraction of the Japanese hybrid fleet, the four Japanese commercial-vehicle manufacturers offer diesel-electric hybrid trucks and buses that are on the leading edge of the technology.