Automotive Engineering International 2006-10-01

Automotive Engineering International 2006-10-01
    • Like a rolling home
      Suppliers are helping automakers engineer vehicles that allow passengers to bring along the comforts of home.
    • Focusing on distraction
      An explosion of new features, functions poses challenges for safety.
    • Performance goes green
      With record-high fuel prices and CO2 concerns providing the impetus, automakers are developing more fun-to-drive cars with an eye towards efficiency.
    • GM re-engineers pickips
      More refined ride, higher-quality interiors, and greater efficiency are some of the highlights of the 2007 models.
    • Jeep takes on tough terrain
      For 2007, the brand's iconic Wrangler is engineered to be more rugged off-road and more refined on it.
    • Audi updates TT theme
      The second-generation rendition is bigger, more powerful, and uses a subtle metals mix and match.
    • Vantage: as Aston to the core
      A common platform strategy is a vital element of the company's design and manufacturing flexibility.
    • Lexus hybridizes sports sedan
      The GS450h is the world's first series production ICE-electric hybrid in a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive configuration, according to Toyota.
    • Turbocharging the 911
      The high-performance Porsche model is packed with technology including variable turbine geometry turbocharging, advanced all-wheel drive, and advanced air management to help it reach 309 km/h (192 mph).
    • Larger, more agile Santa Fe asserts itself
      The "urban crossover" is Hyundai's first production vehicle designed at its styling studios in California.