Automotive Engineering International 2000-09-01

Automotive Engineering International 2000-09-01
    • Improving lightweight vehicle dynamics
      Bosch engineers used numerical simulation to evaluate vehicle concepts using variable semi-active components, tire specifications, and suspension spring rates.
    • Dr. Reitzle's prescription for Jaguar
      His vision for the brand is to "use top-level technology and do so in a very emotional way."
    • Dual-voltage power networks
      Lear Automotive EEDS has developed an innovative electrical and electronic architecture to handle future high-power requirements in vehicles.
    • New door closure concepts
      Bosch and Temic engineers are developing technologies for passive entry, vehicle immobilization, and remote control.
    • TwinCAN: one module for two nodes
      The ability to use one module to control two CAN nodes provides benefits including reduced hardware and software requirements, improved functionality, and lower CPU load, according to Infineon researchers.
    • Java for telematics
      Motorola engineers believe the Java framework will allow the secure deployment of infotainment services to the automobile.
    • Car computing device analysis
      Unique solutions are required to match computer devices to human needs for a safer, more comfortable driving environment.
    • Electricity builds for Convergence 2000
      The automotive and electronics worlds are meshing to an ever-greater extent. Convergence 2000 provides a forum in which engineers and related professionals who populate those worlds come together to explore just how "wired" the vehicle can become.