Automotive Engineering International 2004-09-01

Automotive Engineering International 2004-09-01
    • Ultracapacitors charge ahead
      The limitations of current energy-storage solutions could encourage consideration of these alternative solutions, but more engineering work needs to be done to reduce costs.
    • Technology for all
      Automotive industry executives expect high-end technologies, once considered only for inclusion in luxury cars, to increasingly make their way into entry- and mid-level vehicles in the very near future.
    • Convergence continues
      A lot of automotive electronics ground has been covered at the Convergence conferences past, and there's more to come at this year's show in October.
    • Fueling the next generation
      As hydrogen joins the battle for automotive power with gasoline and diesel, the future could be more choices rather than one winner.
    • Bringing down the noise
      To reduce noise and vibration from a cylinder-on-demand engine in three-cylinder mode, engineers at Honda R&D have developed an active engine mount system
    • Exhaust tones
      Longer life, less pressure, and better appearance would do us all good, but for exhaust systems, they are mandatory--and on a tight budget.
    • Timing demands get real
      Real-time operating systems are being adopted to keep up with the growing number of speedy electronics.
    • Simulated sound
      Simulators bring NVH testing to the forefront of the vehicle design process.