SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2001-04-01

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2001-04-01
    • Operator station innovations
      Off-highway engineers work hard to provide comfort, ease of operation, and reliability to users. As an added challenge, they must design for operators who can spend an entire day working hard in their cab.
    • Designing online
      Major developments in internet-based technologies are profoundly changing the engineering/design process, revolutionizing the way OEMs and suppliers do business, and speeding the industry's time-to-market.
    • FEA simulation of an electrohydraulic system
      Researchers from the Milwaukee School of Engineering provide an accurate model of a typical magentic actuator
    • Predicting injury in forklift upsets
      Researchers from the Biomechanics Institute present test results that demonstrate operators can prevent ejection and injury from a forklift if they are lap-belted and have either a winged seat or hip restraint.